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A 95% of the people recently surveyed said that they wanted access to a website's professional email address, street address and phone number. The problem is, that even if you put this info on your website, your visitors have no way of verifying if the information you display is legitimate or not. This is why it's essential to add a third party Business Verified seal from a company like Trustify-me to your website.

The Trustify-me Business Verified Seal is the best and most effective way to inform your customers that you are who you say you are. By displaying the Business Verified seal, your customers immediately know that your business information has been verified by Trustify-me. If the customer wants to find out how to make contact with you, they can either drag their mouse over the seal for on the spot confirmation, or they can click on the seal for a more detailed description of the verification process.

During the verification process, we collect two sets of information when possible; your business information, and a managing member's information. We then confirm your business address, support phone, and support email, along with your managing member's address. Furthermore, we check your website against three of the leading consumer complaint organizations online, to ensure that you are in good standing with your current clients. After the verification process is finished, and then you are allowed to display your Business Verified certificate carrying your business information for your visitor's satisfaction towards your business.

In addition to Trustify-me Business Certification Seals, we also offer Privacy and Security Certification seals, and these three seals work together to resolve the 3 main concerns that your customers have regarding your website. This helps you to maximize your sales and conversion, so you make more Sales!

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