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The honest businessmen who start a website are motivated by a simple idea; they believe that consumers should have access to an honest and legitimate online business. However spam companies put their creditability at risk and they look for new ways that can maintain their integrity and customer confidence. Trustify-me is such an independent organization that offers quality verification services for their business.

Trustify-me offers Business Identity Management, Privacy and Security solutions for all kid of businesses and help them build trust among customers. We serve a wide range of client including non-profit, Organic or community organizations and our verification seals increase conversion rates and generate more revenues through their websites. We inform our clients about online security and privacy and help them understand who to trust for the insightful verification of their websites and policies.

Our verification seals are designed to satisfy customer concerns that the personal data they enter on a website will be safe and private and to let them understand the website they are dealing with is a legitimate business.

Many websites put their verification seals at the bottom of a website but most visitors of your website do not always scroll 3 feet down the page. That could mean lost revenue for you and this is not your business goal. Trustify-me helps you gives you choice to place the Security Certification Seal at a place on your website that is easily seen by the visitors.

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