Trustify-Me Security Certification Seal

If you do your business over the internet, then it's essential for the success of your business to apply appropriate security measures to protect yourself and your customers from unwanted security concerns.
When your website users become confident about their information security and trust you, they are more likely to:

  • Buy your Product/Service
  • Make Mass Purchases
  • Become Regular Customers

This is why it is so vital to directly address security issues on your website and one of the most effective measures is to display a security seal on your business website. A security seal directly informs your customer that you have security measures in place to guard their information, and that these measures have been confirmed by a reliable 3rd party. Here at Trustify-me, we have different Trustify Security Certification depending on the level of security verification you want or your website required.

Security Verified Seal

Verify your website Security!

The Trustify-me Security Verified Seal is for websites that want to display a security seal but PCI Scanning for their website is not required. We issue our Security Verified seal after we validate your companies address, email, and phone information. The secure checkout process of your website is also reviewed along with the verification of your SSL certificate.

Trustify-me Security Certification Seals are not everything that we offer, but our other certificates include Privacy and Business Certification seals as well. These 3 business certificates together help companies to resolve 3 main concerns that your customers might have regarding your website. This helps you to maximize your sales and conversion, so you make more Sales!

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