Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about Trustify-me services. If you don't see an answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

What is Trustify-me?

A Trustify-me seal usually comes in the form of a little stamp or image that business owners display on their websites to boost confidence and trust to their visitors. These seals are provided by a third party and are equivalent to a stamp of approval. Any company that provides: SSL Certificates, Privacy and Business Identity verification can offer verification seals to businesses that have qualified to use their services.

  • These Trustify-me seals should be easily identifiable and in most cases should help to address customer concerns, such as security, privacy, business identity, etc.
  • A Trustify-me seal should include the name of the service provider that issued the seal and the website that is currently using the seal services. This avoids seal theft and also lets the visitor know that this seal has been issued to the company in question by a trusted third party.
  • A date should be present on most Trustify-me seals to inform visitors that the seal and service are current and that the website is in good standing with the issuer of the seal.
  • • Most of the Trustify-me seals can be clicked on, and this will display a detailed certificate.

Can I Keep My Information Private?

Yes, we allow both the business address and support telephone number to be set to confidential once verified. You can request to set this information to confidential during the verification process or anytime thereafter by simply contacting our support team.

Can I Use One Seal For Multiple Websites?

Many other Trustify-me seal companies issue certificates that seem to be focused mainly on advertisements but deliver very little information about their client.

Here at Trustify-me, each seal and certificate contains key information regarding each website we verify. For a typical website, we verify the following

  • Support Email
  • Support Telephone
  • Business Address
  • Seal Header
  • Privacy Policy
  • SSL Certificate Expiration

Because our certificates are packed full of information about a specific website, we require that each site has its own set of seals.

Does Trustify-me Provide Services In Other Countries?

Trustify-me offers services in many countries across the World, but mostly English speaking countries including the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. However, Trustify-me does not verify websites in other languages at this time, and all websites that we provide our services to must be in English or have an English option.

What Are My Payment Choices?

We currently accept payment by Credit Cards and PayPal. Your charges will show as being paid to ‘Trustify-me’.

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